Is There Such a Thing as “One-Time” Pricing for a Website?

…it’s going to cost you more; a lot more thank you think!

The thing is – one-time pricing is never really “one-time”. There are always recurring costs associated with owning a website, regardless of the size or type. Some web design companies don’t like to tell you this important information. However, once your website is finished, you’re left with paying a hefty bill and high maintenance costs that you never expected.

You see, Owning a Website is Like Owning a car

When you buy a car, you don’t just have a one-time cost, right? You also have maintenance costs for things like changing the oil, tires, and brakes. These costs can add up quickly. A website works the same way. If you don’t budget for domain name registration, web hosting, themes, plugin updates, software maintenance, and unexpected bug fixes, then you’ll have a shocking surprise later.

Just like a car, it’s also cheaper to keep up with regular maintenance instead of waiting for your website to break. You probably don’t have the tech expertise to build and maintain a website. Plus, your time is better spent elsewhere, like managing your business or non-profit.

Here’s Why It’s Better to Pay Monthly Pricing

Through many years of experience, businesses and non-profits have told us that they’d prefer to pay a flat monthly rate. That way, you avoid incurring high web development costs, your monthly payment is predictable, while remaining affordable. You’ll also never have to worry about support. We build and manage everything for you, so you’ll never have any unexpected costs.

have peace of mind knowing your website is in trusted hands

Other businesses and non-profits trust us to build, maintain, and service their websites for them. You can rest assured that our dedicated team of web wizards can build almost anything that you can imagine. 

Get Low Monthly Cost Without The Typical Downsides

There are no contracts and you get a 60-day money back guarantee. You’ll have full ownership of your website once the design is completed. You’ll have a dedicated support team to answer any of your questions Monday through Friday (8:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time).

Here’s The Typical Recurring Website Expenses

Below are 5 typical recurring website expenses that you’ll run in to. Check out the annual cost for each item.

Registrations & Certificates

Your domain name must be registered and renewed every year. It is also critical to have a SSL security certificate for your website. Although technically a SSL certificate is optional, it provides a security layer for your website and is preferred by search engines like Google.

$10 to $100 annually

Web Development Labor

When you need to add new pages to your website or update certain existing parts, you’ll typically need to hire a web developer. The average annual salary for a US web developer is $75,487 according to You can expect to pay around $85/hr for a web developer to update your website on an as-needed basis. As you can see, this can get quite pricey.

$10,000+ annually

Hosting & Security

Web hosting is necessary for visitors to connect to and load your website. There are many different price points for web hosting, however the lower you pay, the more you’ll need to do on your own. If you go with $5 a month budget hosting, you’ll want to invest in a security plugin for advanced security measures and you’ll be on your own for software updates. For advanced hosting, you’ll pay closer to $30 a month but it will include enhanced security and software updates, along with better support.

Software Plugins & Themes

Many companies and freelance web designers use WordPress software plugins for advanced development functionality and themes to design your website. These are often made by third-parties and require annual subscription fees. Your “one-time” rate may include the first year of payment for these plugins and themes. After the first year, you’ll be hit with renewal bills from these third-party companies you may have never even known about.

Don’t get stuck paying $1,000’s in website expenses every year