Times have changed.

Letters and envelopes no longer bear any meaning because we like to stay connected 24/7.

Thanks to Facebook, staying connected online is as easy as it gets.

Entrepreneurs are also trying to market their products and services through social networks.

It helps them stay connected to their audience in real time, and establish a permanent network of building relationships through engaging content.

Instagram, however, has exceeded the importance of Facebook.

That’s because, within minutes of uploading a photo with relevant hashtags, you can connect to your relevant audience base.

Forrester Research Inc. shows that Instagram has an approximate 4.21% user interaction scope more than Facebook and Twitter.

Quite unlike Facebook, Instagram uses hashtags, and quirky captions to engage more of your target audience.

Today, we are going to talk about 10 ways to use your Instagram profile to get more followers and create a successful network.


1.  Use Hashtags Responsibly

Hashtags are like keywords that attract your ideal audience to your image in the blink of an eye.

For example, the #museumofthemoon hashtag quickly links all images taken on Luke Jerram’s attempt to bring a 3D printed moon at exotic locations around the world.

Users can share this hashtag with their images allowing people around the world to see them.

2.  Create Relevant Bio Links

You only get one link on Instagram, and that is in your bio.

So if you are doing a promotion, you can post your image, and then say in the caption, “The link is in the bio.”

That way, you can get your followers to click to your website or landing page.

Change your bio at least once a month to avoid viewers from getting bored of reading the same thing over and over.

3.  Interact Regularly With Influencers

Not all followers are worth interacting with.

But DMing them occasionally should give them an idea that they are not being taken for granted.

Start conversations with your most valuable followers, so they know that there is an actual human behind your account and not some automated bot.

4.  Create Quirky and Interactive Captions

Mere photo posting is considered vague unless you direct your users and answer they’re where, what, or why questions.

Use proper captions and add meaning to your uploaded images as this will increase engagement.

5.  Bring Out The Cream of Creativity

Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows creating a variety of exciting things to show off your creativity.

Try to use the same photo filter or adopt a particular photo style, and stick to it.

That way, you build brand recognition with every photo that you post over time.

6.  Share Your Hashtags on Other Social Media

Instead of keeping your hashtags confined to Instagram alone, share your hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

This allows users to get exposed to your other social profiles as well.

7.  Tag Other People

Tag other users in your images and show how connected you are.

Often this works wonders especially when you meet someone with a large following.

By aligning yourself with influencers, you’ll be perceived as an influencer too which strengthens the impact of your brand.

8.  Create Your Own Personal Style

Turning on post notifications and making your profile public works wonders.

This helps to share your personalization and watch viewer’s reactions instantaneously.

To turn on post notifications, just follow the directions in this screenshot below.

instagram post notifications

9.  Geo-tag Your Posts

Adding locations to your posts increases user interest.

National geographic uses their exceptional storytelling techniques and combines it with adding specific locations.

This builds up curiosity as it causes the followers to want to learn more.

10. Use “Because” Call-to-Actions

Want people to click to a landing page?

Then tell them in the caption.

Want people to share your post?

Then ask them for the share.

You’ll be surprised at how much people are willing to do what you want them to do if you’ll just guide them.

And if you include the all-powerful word “because” in your call-to-action, then you’ll have a higher number of people who’ll do it.

That’s because research shows that giving people a reason for doing something increases the likelihood that they will do it by a staggering amount.